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   Credit Union Share of Total Market:
 Total Personal Products
 Total MarketProvincial Share of Banks 
 Dec '1212 Month60 MonthDec '12 12 Month 60 MonthProvince
 Share% Change% ChangeShare % Change % Change 
Crosstown Civic0.09210.4%25.1%5.95111.8%23.9%M
First Ontario0.0908.1%16.1%0.24310.8%17.2%O
Synergy (1)0.0566.4%4.1%3.4706.0%-1.9%S
North Shore0.1223.9%1.7%1.0316.2%-0.6%BC
First West0.3213.4%-14.4%2.7155.8%-16.3%BC
Coast Capital0.7183.3%-9.3%6.0695.7%-11.3%BC
First Calgary0.1442.9%-4.1%1.5044.8%-7.3%A
Libro Financial0.0662.9%10.8%0.1803.5%9.7%O
Servus (1)0.6772.6%-1.0%7.0604.4%-2.1%A
Access (2)0.0732.1%5.7%4.7043.4%9.3%M
Affinity (2)0.1020.5%-1.6%6.2950.1%-0.4%S
DUCA (3)0.068-0.6%13.0%0.1860.0%14.7%O
Alberta Treasury1.026-2.4%-7.7%10.778-1.1%-11.5%A
Coastal Community0.101-3.3%-16.7%0.857-1.1%-18.6%BC
  • This table ranks top credit unions and Desjardins in order of 12 month change in % share.  This represents how much the credit union out/under performed the national market (all financial players) and the the provincial bank market.
  • Mergers have been a factor driving 60 month growth for Meridian, Conexus, Access and DUCA.
  • Notable is the significant decline in share by Desjardins. 

The key factors driving superior growth are:

  • Market - Growth in Manitoba and Saskatchewan has been much higher than the national market growth - see table below
  • Pricing - leading credit unions have high rate savings offers well above banks competitors ~1.8%.  Leading credit unions have transparent mortgage pricing for 4 and 5 year terms equal to the best bank competitors.
  • Broker Channel - leading credit unions are active participants in the deposit and/or mortgage broker channels.
  • Brand Development:  Leading credit unions actively promote their brand and product offers through regional media.
Credit Union and Caisse Populaire Market in Canada
 Q4 2012Q4 2012Q4 2012CU Bal Change
Total Deposits and LoansBalancesBalancesCU Share of Province12 Month60 Month
CUs $MMBanks + CUs $MMGrowthGrowth
British Columbia          98,741               419,018 23.6%7.7%34.7%
Alberta          35,553               293,372 12.1%7.1%38.2%
Saskatchewan          27,869                 71,813 38.8%9.1%49.6%
Manitoba          39,092                 80,975 48.3%10.8%64.9%
Ontario          61,865             1,061,517 5.8%7.7%38.5%
Quebec        213,547               481,777 44.3%4.9%36.5%
Atlantic          12,897               113,874 11.3%5.4%29.0%
Total         489,564             2,522,344 19.4%6.7%38.9%